A Warm Embrace for Newton Connecticut / by Kamie Kahlo

I awoke this morning weeping for the families in Connecticut who are living through the terrible tragedy of losing their children and their loved ones. I have often thought that if my baby was taken from me, life would begin to drain from my soul and I would cease to exist. But, I believe that sorrow passes into understanding and hopefully one is filled with a sense of purpose again where emptiness cannot be filled. For those families and friends, today is about the moments that pass so painfully slow; it’s about surviving the hurt of now. I am taking in the deepest breath for you all and holding onto the hope that your sorrowful consumption will pass through the tunnel to light because you are loved and have tremendous purpose. I hope that the nation and the world will join me in crying with you; embracing you in prayer.

"Better than a thousand hollow words, is one word that brings peace."