Ask Adelita: To Tolo or Not to Tolo / by Kamie Kahlo

Dear Adelita Style:

My school is having our Tolo dance soon and I do not want to look like everyone else. I know if I go to F21 I might find something cute but I just know I will bump into someone wearing the same thing. Embarrassing! I have a smallish budget so I went to Urban and the dress I love just doesn't seem formal enough. It fits me perfect but I'm worried it's a bit too casual. It's a white eyelet, strapless mini. What am I going to do! The clock is ticking!!!

 "Sadie Hawkins"- Seattle

Dear Sadie Hawkins:

Here are 3 solid ideas that are sure to make you the Belle of the Ball:

Option 1.) F21: Don't worry about showing up all dolled up only to see another girl staring back at you in the same dress. If you accessorize well and choose just the right shoes you may be the "do" in your dress and she may be the "don't". Make every outfit your own by adding your own personal style!

Option 2.) Urban: A dress that fits you perfectly? Go get it! You can always dress up something simple. Try a glittery pair of heels, some shimmery tights, sew on a few sequins, go big with your hair and add some shine to your makeup with oh-so-clever smokey eyes and golden bronzer on your brow bone, above your cheeks and across your collar bone. You will stun, I am sure of it!

Option 3.) Vintage: Hit up some vintage shops for last season's lbd (little black dress). Throw on some patent pumps, slip into some satin wrist gloves, gloss your pucker in daring crimson, don a sweet leather bow headband and voila! Every thing old is new again! 

Good Luck!