Today's Adelita Style Self Portrait / by Kamie Kahlo

click on this collage for a closer look!
I'm not even going to pretend that watching Bill Cunningham New York didn't have everything to do with my blog post today. If you love people watching, fashion and a beautiful human story, you must watch it!

This mini collage of photos starring me is an homage to the fact that pulling a fantastic outfit from your closet, or in this case Lucia's, is definitely not exclusive to designers, stars or stylists. Making an outfit is about your personal tastes and expression. And what a treat is was for me to be on the other side of the camera! Frankly, I was flattered... and nervous.

Because someone was dressing me this time, I felt as if each outfit was a costume and me the character. My favorite was the plaid 70's number because of the wide-legged pants and giant brimmed hat. It transported me to a place where models were lean and leggy, where the Carpenter's Top of the World (look it up kiddies) was playing in the background. My least favorite was the genie jumper. I kept saying, "Who am I?" It was almost too comfortable, made me feel like I was in pj's, which was weird. 

How clothes make you feel, Cunningham's On the Street column, talent is everywhere; all of these ideas lead to one thing, YOU are the taste-maker. So dress up! 

contributors: Sean Watson as photographer, Lucia as wardrobe stylist, Me as model, Kamie Kahlo from as designer