Winter Dreams / by Kamie Kahlo

Seattle snow comes once a year but, isn't it dreamy. I find it interesting. Those people who complain endlessly- "Who cares!!" or "What's the big deal!" or "Get back to work!" Really? The child in me is giddy with excitement! I spend all day trudging through the powder, I ask D to take me for a ride in the sled, I take a coffee with a friend and tenderly slurp down another with the new girl at work.

On a snow day, we tell each other secrets because the crunch of the snow masks the sound of our voices. We have a sleepover with friends laughing into the night on top of sleeping bags because it's so hard to say goodbye. When night falls we cuddle by the fire, puppies curled into our laps. And on a snowy night, everything still and quiet, we push our cheeks against down pillows and have a long winter dream.

*This post is dedicated to Lucia whose secrets I will never tell. 
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