G-Dragon is B to the ANG! / by Kamie Kahlo

G-Dragon is a singer, songwriter, producer performing with K-pop hotties Big Bang. Fashionable is too tame a word to describe this multi-talented popstar. Let's start from his head and work our way down. Don't you think this funky fur hat is 2-die?!

Love this awesome, crazy Indian/Military hoodie he's donning in the video Tonight.

Anything from Jean-Charles de Castelbajac but, preferably a gold smiley face necklace will make you feel closer to his pop-dom.

Oh don't you think maybe this androgenous animal print outfit belongs in my closet?
And sorry but I think I need to purchase these Jiyong style Question Mark Earrings from k-pop town and I know you want those Beats so you can listen to his latest single.

Goodness! We haven't even gotten to his belt! Let's not take all day on this fashion-he-sta and promise a Part 2 for G-Dragon, I'm sure he'll have more street-smart style for us to focus on.