Wai Ching Studios / by Kamie Kahlo

Stepping into Wai Ching Studios where designer Chrissy Wai Ching and her crew fashion original creations might just make you change you mind about what evening wear and wedding gowns are supposed to look like. And... thank goodness.

I used to carry Chrissy's Ready-to-Wear at my boutique but she decided that fitting a design to the client's body was what made her designs so unique. Strips of hand torn silk, custom-dyed and sewn in soft ruffles row after row. I'm dying for an original gown, a beautiful paneled blazer, a wedding dress!!

Read Chrissy's Bio:
An exotic fusion of Chinese/Puerto Rican/English genes and a global upbringing lent Chrissy Wai Ching a cosmopolitan sensibility, but it was not until she went to live amidst the "bright colors and abundant beauty" of Nice that she discovered the ideal outlet for her many cultural influences: couture. 
Chrissy debuted her wild yet wearable line, Wai-Ching, in 2003 with figure flattery at the top of her priority list. Creating fiercely unique clothing is a delicate process. To Wai-Ching, the art lies not only in designing, but also in selecting luxurious silks, hand-dyeing the blank canvas, and meticulously piecing together each masterpiece. The name Wai Ching (Cantonese for wisdom and virtue) reflects the philosophy of the line and of the artist herself.
If you're in need of a magical creation made just for you, contact Wai Ching Studios @ sales@wai-ching.com or give them a call (206) 229-1111.

One of Chrissy's assistants is also an
acrobat for the circus! Talk about unique!