On the Cover of a Magazine / by Kamie Kahlo

I used this photo by Sean Watson for my cover look
Seventeen Magazine is having a cover girl contest like no other. 5 "real" amazing girls have been chosen for the final line up. Take look at the contestants below and go here to vote. Can you guess who I voted for? It may surprise you!

Zoe in one of her own creations
Zoe's family was under financial strain and this girl took matters into her own hands by starting her own clothing line. Her homeless to fashionista story is truly inspiring.

Shannon is ready to race!
Shannon is well on her way to being a racecar record breaker! This speedy little girl is literally on the fast track to the Indy 500.

Nina standing up for others with the help of a friend.
Nina is not only against online abuse, she began a national campaign to aide in the prevention and hopes to pass laws against cyber bullying. Activism at it's best!
Lauren (to the right) with friends from the Bay Area Video Coalition
Documentary filmmaker Lauren combines film, her disorder (ADD) and social causes to live her passion. She's a true star in her own right!

This is not Ann but sometimes what represents a person best, is their work
At 16, Ann takes breathtaking photos on par with some of the best fashion photographers in the world! I for one would love to work with this amazing new talent.