In Between / by Kamie Kahlo

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It was a hectic week. Plenty of 12 hour days; Tuesday morning shopping for props, designing a direct mail piece that afternoon, Wednesday was the photoshoot from 8am to 1pm, followed by on the floor sales from 2pm to 8pm, Thursday was a mash-up of design, sales and display. By Friday fitting in much needed social time was difficult but I managed to squeeze Dana's birthday dinner in between working a 6 hour shift and a late-night meeting from 8pm to ten. At 10:30 I could have called it a day but I took a cab down the hill and was able to meet a group of girls at Conor Byrne for a Noise for the Needy concert!

While enjoying a particularly grungy set by Hobosexual, a photographer caught my eye. That's when I ran into "Nowhereman" Mike Wilson, a self-professed photography, trivia and comic book nerd. He and I agreed that this evenings highlight was the duo consisting of Ben Harwood on guitars, vocals and "weird noises" and Jeff Silva on drums. Refreshingly good hair music is hard to find these days but if you fit life into your nooks and crannies, it's there. Win Tickets to Hobosexual’s Cassette Release Show this Saturday and see for yourself!