Strawberry Delight! / by Kamie Kahlo

strawberry click to take a closer look!
After I did my nails the other night, I had the worst nightmare. My nail's smudged beneath the sheets while I was sleeping and ten cute little strawberries turned into mush! When I woke up, I sat straight up and held my hands out infront of my face. Phew!! They were still 10 little strawberries at the end of my fingers. Here's how you can add a little strawberry delight to your life in 6 easy steps:

  1. Apply pink, orangey pink or red nail polish to entire nail. I used Revlon's #185 Sweet Tart
  2. Apply neon or lime green "stems" to the edges of your nails. (Basically sweep three triangles across the tops of your nails, first one side then the other and finally the middle section.) I used L.A. Girl Flare in #NL60 Gleaming.
  3. A little of the pink will show beneath the green so reapply the Gleaming one more time.
  4. Use any white nail polish to make 3 dots on each nail. I used the corner of the nail brush to do it but if you don't have a steady stylist hand, use a toothpick.
  5. Add a little glitter just to the stem tips. China glaze has a nice clear one called Techno but use it sparingly.
  6. Apply a top coat to make everything shiny, shiny! I love Rimmel's 60 Second Clear Top Coat.

Super Easy! All of the above nail polishes are available from Drug Stores all over but don't feel like you have to use these exact shades. Play with it and have fun with your favorite brand.