Ask Adelita: "S" is for Sexy / by Kamie Kahlo

Victoria's Secret Crochet Mini Sweaterdress in Milk

Dear Adelita-

I'm attending an event and I don't want to upstage the hostess by wearing something too sexy. I have a vision of pink chiffon with a black motorcycle jacket. I can't find "the" chiffon dress anywhere! I am looking for a pale pink. Can you help?



Dear S,

"S," as in sexy, is totally okay... if it's tasteful. I love your idea of pairing an edgy black leather jacket with a softer silhouette. But I do believe the trouble you're having is because the two are very hard to mix without looking like a little girl gone bad. Instead of chiffon, try lace or better yet this super sexy crochet dress from Victoria's Secret in Milk. If you pair it with some great boots like the Frye Engineer Boot, you'll look trendy and confidently sexy but not overbearing!