What Beauty Lies Beneath / by Kamie Kahlo

Beneath 70 years of dust and cobwebs a "Sleeping Beauty's" treasures exploded into the art world proving that beauty never dies. Among the most valuable was a dreamy Giovanni Boldini portrait of his lover and muse, an actress who went by the name of Marthe de Florian. The woman, wrapped in a satin pink dress, was, in fact, the grandmother of the flats owner. Colored ribbons bundled passionate love letters from several powerful admirers of de Florian’s, but it was the love note from Giovanni Boldini that confirmed the auctioneer’s suspicions about the painting’s true identity. This beautiful story touched one admirer more than others- the highest bidder. Madame de Florian's painting sold for over 2 million euro.

On the eve of another photoshoot, a friend sent me news of this abandoned flat in Paris.

An old wooden stove and stone sink where time stood still.

A stuffed ostrich and a Mickey Mouse toy dating from before World War II.

Source: Winston Wächter Fine Art's eye on art