Mara Fitch / by Kamie Kahlo

Self Portrait by Mara Fitch. From acquaintance - to client - to friend, this fashion icon steals the spotlight from everyone in the room.

Mara is the perfect Demeulemeester "Pin-Up". Her effortless wavy, grey-streaked hair untouched, it seems, by comb, hair color or scissors frames her tiny face, a delicate mask of perfection, makeup free. Tall? Of course. Thin? Like a bird.

Dark and mysterious, quiet and strong. She spends her days reading piles of books, photographing self portraits and making beautiful jewelry. Her smart fingers weave, paint and craft. At night, she watches French films, drinks wine with friends, peruses blogs, reads more piles of books. She thinks, she researches.

But while I admire her beauty, her talent and demeanor, it is her love for fashion that resonates. It is what completes her and ultimately defines her. It's what sets her apart, confirming that loving something makes you beautiful.