When She Cares: The Next Generation / by Kamie Kahlo

Most of the time Lil Star dresses in a style like a plain brown wrapper and because she is so utterly beautiful, she still manages to shine. As hard as she may try, she is a star. In the blackest sky she sometimes fades into the darkness but mostly she is a beacon. When she cares, she is the north star, flashy, distinct and standing out like no other. I encourage her caring about her clothing, her hair, caring for her skin and I know that she misreads my intention. I see every bit of her special potential inside and out. But some of that is natural beauty which is not to be dumbed down because society has gone so far off the deep end as to say that beauty is wrong or bad. It is not bad. It's the next generation but only if we are willing to admit that nature loves beauty and so do we.