"September" Before September / by Kamie Kahlo

While I was waiting for my September issue fashion magazines to show up at my doorstep, I decided to watch "The September Issue". Touted as a documentary about the legendary Anna Wintour, Editor in Chief of Vogue Magazine for the past 20+ years, I discovered that it was not about Her. It was about editing really. It was less about fashion and more about decisions. What goes, what stays. Still, that can be intriguing.

Like why on earth Ms. Wintour nixes half of an amazing 20's shoot from brilliant Fashion Editor/Stylist Grace Coddington. After all this issue, the September 2007 issue, was the largest magazine ever published weighing in at roughly 4 lbs! Why cut beautiful pictures of luscious models so you can print 22 pages of celebrity? If I see one more celebrity on the cover of a magazine I'll scream! If I see one more "wearable" garment in place of a juicy, fantastical, ridiculous dress, I will die.

If one is the "pope" of fashion as Ms. Wintour is, than why not make the next bold step. If you're going to dictate fashion, dictate it! Put models back on the cover. Forget the age issues and make an age column. We, I, NEED the fantasy that is fashion. I want American fashion magazines to take me there. Holding my hand is a paper thin portrait of a woman, a head taller than me and impossibly beautiful.