Music Break / by Kamie Kahlo

Let's take a little music break. The girls at the boutique like to listen to a lot of Indie Pop and have inspired me to take another listen. It's not just the twenty-somethings that enjoy this division of alternative rock, Lil Star is an avid listener and I've been dabbling since it's inception in the 80's. Post-punk bands like Echo and the Bunnymen were an integral part of my album collection. I continue to pop on a vinyl Smith's album to this day. So while I was putting together my playlist on my computer, I included a couple of current Indie favorites like Beach House. This Baltimore band consists of native Alex Scally and French-born vocalist Victoria Legrand. Tonight I am listening to Zebra from their 3rd album, Teen Dream. Legrand's voice is indeed so dreamy that the band has been classified as "Dream Pop." You can get it here!