The Death of the September Issue / by Kamie Kahlo

 Relaxing in my vintage kimono perusing through the latest September issues.

I thought that W would be making a bold move with their new editor in chief Stefano Tonchi. (W is green with envy and so putting out a film much like "The September Issue" as well.) But, no. Tonchi talks about the cover and the new concept of W not being such a fashion obsessed magazine. Say what?

WWD: Have you made W less fashion obsessed?
Stefano Tonchi: From the cover, I would say probably yes. First of all, it’s the September issue, which is the big fashion issue, so we have a lot of fashion and we will keep having a lot of fashion in the magazine, but with many, many stories around the fashion portfolios. Last year, when I looked at the last September issue — and it’s more or less the same issue in terms of pages, we are about 60 pages more this year — there are really 106 pages of fashion pictures. This year, we still have probably more than 60 pages of fashion, but we also have more than 40 pages of stories that are fashionable, but not just pictures of clothes.

How effed up is that? "... pictures of clothes," he says. Hopefully all my angst was all a bit premature. Maybe 60 pages of fashion is enough. Maybe... NOT!

I have them- W, Vogue, Bazaar, every cover a celebrity and then there's Marie Claire. W has "Hollywood's New It Girls" on a gloss tri-fold but I much prefer the back of the cover with Dior's opulent fall ad showcasing a romantic leggy MODEL. Vogue threw Hallie Barry on the cover. Ummm, who cares?! Don't get me started on Bazaar, Jennifer Aniston's homage to Barbara Streisand, Oi pleez! 

Finally Marie Claire has the stunning style icon Mary-Kate Olsen on it's cover. Admittedly she is not a model but at least she is a designer who happens to dictate fashion trends. At LEAST!