The Bliss of Water / by Kamie Kahlo

For Lil star whose opportunity at folly is here in Seattle. Her blossoming fervor is mine too and I am passionately her mother.

Complacency is contagious and passion is hard to come by. Every day we live without enthusiasm is just another day we die. The happiest moments of my life were entrenched in chance resulting in ecstasy.  Every obsession I have explored has left me broke and empty; Every indifference, I remain the same. But isn't this saying something? When the water runs dry in a vessel, it's so we can fill it again. There is always something else. An explosion of bliss is so big that it paints the walls and ceilings startlingly blue and collects in pools around our feet. It envelopes us and time stands still. We no longer experience the ticking of the clock. Instead we feel everything. I live in Seattle where year after year, I only felt the seasons blurring into one another, I encountered time at it's essence. This summer while tortuous for some was my chance to turn the whole thing upside down and smell the bliss of grey. I wear it, I painted my walls in it, I step outside into it; True passionate weather experience. It sounds silly but this love of dreary has changed my life. You can be zealous about anything and it's something to be shared. It only becomes selfish when it has worn out it's welcome. I write this blog and share my thoughts and feelings when passion strikes and, frankly, I can't keep up with it.