Top 5 Reasons to Visit Leavenworth / by Kamie Kahlo

Last week Lil Star and I headed out of the Seattle gloomy weather with our besties and drove out east to Leavenworth. You can always count on gorgeous spring and summer sun in this  little Bavarian getaway. So, it's our first reason for why we drop in every summer.

Taking a stroll down the main street to visit one of my favorite shops Mapel has also become a summer tradition. Lil Star and I found a darling gathered top, little M found the perfect striped wrap and big M gnabbed herself a grey onesie perfect for summer fun! I couldn't resist a feathery barrette that I saw while I was at the counter gabbing with owner Staci. This boutique's lines like Veronica M and  Tulle are reason number 2 for why we like to visit this seasonal hot spot. But our shopping didn't end there.

Thankfully Erin suggested we stray from our normal path and head down a side street. Good thing we did because Lil Star found herself a skirt/tube babydoll in asian print at a brand new store called, "Magenta". This boutique was packed with fun prints and color for great prices. Now you have three reasons to visit this quirky little town!

Though we spent most of our time poolside at the Icicle Inn, (Reason number 4 to visit) talking about books we all need to read like "The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo," on Tuesday we decided to take a look at one of this region's wineries.

Driving up to the authentic, charming log cabin, (if we didn't know better, we would have thought we were in the french countryside) green mountains stood behind rolling valleys with fruit trees and grape vines. "I could live here," I thought. Icicle Ridge has a fair amount of lovely vintages for every occasion and the best occasion is relaxing with a friend atop old-growth logs the size of wine barrels. And that brings us to reason number 5.. You can't get these hand-crafted, award winning wines at the grocery store, not even your local wine store, Icicle Ridge wines are only available at their winery or through their club.

There you have it 5 solid reasons to visit Leavenworth!