She's Crafty! / by Kamie Kahlo

 The Urban Craft Uprising was held at the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall this past weekend. I took a quick stroll through the hallways between around 100 exhibitors of eco-friendly, recycled, crafty goodness and spotted a few that I thought you might like.

Trinity Cross and Paulie Anne Duke for Field Day Wearables

Field Day Wearables makes cute prints on hooded dresses and jumpers. I liked the little radish print. These girls run their business out of Oakland, CA where they offer 'wearable's made from recycled materials, bamboo and organic cotton all made, printed and dyed one at a time.

A customer tries on a Bella Sisters jacket

All Bella Sisters artful creations are made from more than 97% recycled materials. Each jacket has a hood and sleeves made from reclaimed wool, angora or cashmere so you can keep your hands and head warm without the bulk! And if you have long arms like me, you will appreciate these extra additions. Hand sewn appliqués, bustled backs, darling little buttons are just some of the fun details found on every unique clothing item.

 Sara Lansillotta of Devout Dolls laughs with a customer at her booth.

Devout Dolls specializes in 'oddities' dreamed up by creator Sara Lansillotta. Her two headed rag dolls are what pulled me closer and the 'forest friend' deer and 'octobabies' kept me giggling.
Jonah Rondon is just as cute as her creations
Maluhia Designs makes purses, wallets, bibs and teddy bears from darling cutsey fabric. If you are in the mood for sticky sweet visit her Etsy store!

Gobs of unique dresses in great prints.

Debra Weiss and her daughter Hillary of Rebe are a masters at the remix. Pretty patterns along side patchwork and un-died linen, eco-friendly fabrics and playful layers make up this terrifically crafty line!