Just a Girl and Her Horse. / by Kamie Kahlo

Becky Wilson took this gorgeous photo of Hannah
with her grandmother's prize-winning horse Mazarati

My niece Hannah graduated with a 3.97! Her academic achievements were rewarded with the Deans Scholarship, the Fund Scholarship and the Pacific NW Title Scholarship. But is was her love of sport, her volunteer spirit and most importantly her dedication to horses that further solidified those scholarships and awarded her one more, the OHSET Scholarship for her work in an equestrian team.

So called extra curricular activities are often the spearhead of a young persons continuing education. We should always remember our bliss, work for it, nurture it and follow it wherever it may lead us. Hannah's ambition for being a genuine cowgirl isn't just family tradition, "It takes a lot of time and practice as well as a lot of patience. I have been lucky enough to have a grandma who shares my passion and would do anything to help me become the best rider, and person I can be." She has been taught the difficult lesson of try, try again. Literally being knocked off and getting back up to do it all over again, those are the types of skills that will carry this country girl through her major of Sports Business with a minor in Spanish.

I am so proud of Hannah's achievements mostly because all along the way, she has been kind and giving. She followed her dreams and they rewarded her well. You see for this young woman, college isn't just horseplay.