The Best Revenge Is: Peace / by Kamie Kahlo

Day two of my Revenge, I decided to make “Peace”. The meaning was clear here, a green gun exploding a flower and the words, “The best revenge is peace.” Go ahead, make my day!

This soft heather tee hugged my body and came down mid-thigh. I never thought recycled plastic bottles would feel this amazing, but it did! The checker at the grocery complimented me on the tee and when I told her what it was made of she commented, "Oh, must be expensive." When I told her it was only $32, she couldn't believe it! I think this eco-friendly company has another new customer thanks to Adelita Style and Fancy-Green.

Two organic, recycled tees from a company with strong social and environmental commitments are now mine. I’ll wear them well and with pride because fashion is pretty, eco is all the rage and a statement can be worn thanks to Revenge Is.