Sameunderneath Swing Jacket: Manic Weather Safe / by Kamie Kahlo

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The weather in Seattle has quite a reputation. My friends in California are just sure that it rains 300 days out of the year. While that is not usually the case, sadly this Spring it is indeed raining, raining, raining and quite chilly. So, it’s a good thing that Fancy-Green handed me this lambswool jacket from eco-conscious clothing company Sameunderneath.

The 95% lambswool in this jacket, as it turns out, is an all-weather friend! And, indeed it can be worn even through our tumultuous spring. The adorable Swing Jacket has excellent moisture wicking properties and doesn’t leave me soggy in our drizzley weather. Plus it breathes for those odd moments when the sun decides to come out. And in the midst of our weather’s bipolar change, the wind is no match for it’s natural resistance to chill.

Practical is all good but what does it look like? It’s sassy swing, two-button collar and sweet belted back make for a classic little jacket that can be worn for years to come in almost any weather.