QA Dispatch: Party on the Hill / by Kamie Kahlo

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Everyone had an amazing time at our feature boutique Queen Anne Dispatch's Friends and Family Night! There was a DJ, yummy cupcakes, champagne at the bar and clothes, shoes and more clothes!!

I walked into the boutique where Tara and Sabrina were serving up smiles and pointing me to the bar. What a great surprise to see "my" glittery halter top starring back at me! Yep, an old customer from my boutique was wearing her purchase from 3 years ago!! Talk about staying power! Did I mention that I have an amazing eye for classic pieces as well as trendy? But enough about me...

Customers were lookin hot in their latest purchases. They gobbled up dresses and tanks like there was no tomorrow! And I just happen to slip on a pair of MOTO jeans that I got at the sale which matched perfectly with my Oh Deer! wedges ALSO from the boutique.

I left with a smile and an idea in my head, "I must have those yummy grey hooded wedge sandals." Put the size 6 away girls! I'm coming back for more and so should you!

contributors: Sean Watson as photographer, Kamie Kahlo from as designer