Meadow Interview / by Kamie Kahlo

If this little pictorial doesn't finally convince you that our feature boutque Meadow is the prettiest thing in town, maybe this will; Meadow has graciously donated an amazing exclusive piece of jewelry from Frida Loves Jewels to one of our lucky Fashionista Club members! Join our club for a chance to win or play it safe and give Shelley a visit. There's always something adorable at Meadow and it won't break your Prada wallet!

Here's my interview with Meadow owner Shelley Hall :

AS: I used to be in the clothes buying business and it is no small task. I also know that finding pieces for great prices is that much harder. How do you do it?

Meadow: I worked in a few small boutiques over the years, my experience watching others making buying decisions was at least a foundation for how to start. I really try and stay within a range of cost for the items I buy. Its essentially working from a budget and not being tempted by more expensive lines. The real challenge is finding cute stuff that is still affordable, the Internet allows me to see the newest items from the companies I buy from.

AS: You have quite a selection from housewares to furniture, from apothecary to clothing. What is your passion?

Meadow: Some days I think I should have gotten into interior design, I love decorating and making a space feel more inviting. But it's definitely satisfying selling clothing too because it makes people feel better "shopping therapy!" If I were to open another store I think I would want to expand the Home Decor and include more antiques, my other passion.

AS: You don't have to convince me to come to your boutique. A couple blocks up a hill and a few blocks west of the main drag, now's your chance to convince others to come. What's unique about your store? (As if I didn't know.)

Meadow: Word of mouth has been my best sales pitch. I hope that everyone who comes in feels welcome and finds something cute and affordable to buy, If they tell even one person I have another potential customer. With the economy the way it is I think people are excited to discover how affordable my store is, its hard to come by these days especially in smaller boutiques. I have been lucky with the press I have already gotten in the first few months- Seattle Magazine May 2010, Daily Candy, and NW Source.

AS: Wow! Being so new that's great! They must have sensed your store, sort of like in "Twilight". Which brings me to my next question, I love your store's name, "Meadow." What does it mean to you?

Meadow: Its really funny you mentioned Twilight. I have actually never seen the show and don't particularly like anything about vampires. I have had many people ask me about the name and where it came from, the simplest response is that I really wanted to use a single word that evoked only positive associations and incorporated something natural. I have tried to create an atmosphere that is inviting and pretty, so I'm hoping my name conveys that.

AS: Indeed it does! Okay, now for a silly question. (These are really the one's that let us get to know you.) Your store and you are all about sweetness and light. What is your favorite treat and why?

Meadow: If you mean edible treats? I would say my very favorite thing is Cadbury Mini Eggs- only available at Easter so cute and pastel and so good!

Just like you my dear!