Pocket-Size Nicole Hits it Big with Winter Kate / by Kamie Kahlo

"Do you want to come see Nicole Richie with me?" I squeeked.

"Why would I want to do that?" Dana chortled back.

I would show her! Nicole Richie has been a fashion icon since her days with Rachel Zoe. This little rebelious pixie isn't just about her famous on again off again relationship with Paris Hilton. Keep up! Ms. Richie has blossomed into a beautiful designer; Last year with her charming jewelry line House of Harlow 1960 and this Spring with her bohemian dream collection Winter Kate.

I dragged Dana downtown to Nordstrom for Nicole's personal appearance and instead of standing in line for an autograph, I decided to SHOW Dana that I wasn't just a stalker. We bee-lined it straight to the Winter Kate racks in Savvy where Jenelle showed us the line. We grabbed 5 key pieces and I swear I heard Dana say, "This is so me!" when she picked up the Grace chiffon tunic.

When we got to the dressing room, there were about 10 pieces from the line. "Good girl Jenelle," I thought. The Savvy girl had paired our picks with vests, pants and complimenting scarves. We ooooed and ahhed over every garment. We gasped at the reasonable prices. My girl Dana had to admit it, this stuff wasn't just good it was great! "I need to get myself into this dress!" I cooed while looking into my reflection in the Grey floral Kimono Dress, "There's a photo of Nicole in this and it's like dragging all over the floor! I love! I must have!" Dana purchased a Winter Kate navy cami and House of Harlow peacock ring.

I thought this would be a good time to say it, "Do you want to stand in line?"

"Sure." Dana smiled.

I have two autographed postcards! (Dana gave me her's.) I LOVE it when I'm right!