Hero Shot / by Kamie Kahlo

I knew I wanted to do a product shot showcasing perfume so I started hunting down the perfect objects to support my concept. When I saw these darling lace panties with "I DO" stitched on the side in sparkling crystals from QA Dispatch, my lovely bottle shot became a wedding story. Tiny presents for her bridesmaides, a vase full of white roses, a delectable cupcake custom made for me from Wink, Erin's rococo table, heirlum bust and squishy antique chair set the scene. Maybe our bride was waiting in the wings, getting ready for her walk down the isle. What didn't make the shot? A stack of wedding magazines that I didn't quite have a place for. And what was the fragrance, who was our hero? Dolce & Gabbana's L'eau The One, of course.

Photographer: Lucien at Studio 3, Inc.