Watson's Waffle House / by Kamie Kahlo

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Our feature photographer Sean Watson is not only a fabulous photographer he is also an accomplished cook.
We often had weekend rituals of waffles and fried chicken hense the name, "Watson's Waffle House." No waffles in this fantastic meal but for a look at the man behind the camera, I asked Sean to stir up some tasty treats and we sat down to share food and thoughts. Here's what we talked about (that I can share with you any way!)

AS: You work with a lot of models on a daily basis. Who is your model of the moment?

SW: Victoria Williams, she's a doll. Creative, intuitive, and natural. We shoot almost every week.

AS: Yum! What's for dinner?

SW: Spicy Prawns served with creamy grits, braised asparagus, Grace's Soy Sauce Wings, broiled sirloin, and spiced carrots.

AS: I can see you have two loves, if you had to choose, cooking or shooting?

SW: That's not fair. As long as I can create. Hmm...I don't know. I get so much pleasure from both. Both serve people in some ways. I'll have to get back to you on that.

AS: Do you ever feed the models? Do they eat?

SW: Haha. Funny you should ask. Every now and then I do make something for them, especially if we're having a late shoot and we're getting hungry. Some eat, but rarely do they let you see them consume anything other than cigarettes, Dr. Pepper, or some horrible processed 7eleven concoction. The best I have seen is someone use a hair dryer to heat up a microwavable can of soup.

AS: I know you have an online publication called "Peer Pressure Mag" What is your next issue about?

SW: I'm in the midst of working on Part 2 of My Funny Valentine. The inspiration is the Chet Baker song by the same name. The song has this sad sort of romance to it. I love it cause it's like something you would think about someone you love. Accepting all the good and not so pleasant in a person. So the next issue is about the beauty of love found and lost and found again.

Stay tuned for waffles and a posts with Sean's great Peer Pressure Mag!