Seattle Fashion Week Launch / by Kamie Kahlo

Last week, Sean Watson and I attended the launch party for Seattle's own Fashion Week at Ibiza in Pioneer Square. I was excited to see what the Emerald City's fashion scene was all about. I felt fortunate to be included on the guest list among this city’s glitterati. I was thrilled to take a glance at some of the industries new talent and I had anticipated a great show to match the sweet charm of it's founder Gabriel Choy. Unfortunately the show did not match the glowing personalities and chic style of it's producers and I am taking a big swallow before posting. This was an event consisting of a few minutes of a breast cancer survivor film (which was the bulk of the show), a talented songstress, and TWO outfits that came down the catwalk.

Let's begin with the short video. Although I commend the organizers for incorporating a very valuable cause into their very kind agenda of raising awareness of new designers, I must recommend that they leave any short films with illness as the subject matter out of the show in the weeks to come. By all means, print it on your collateral, mention it on your blog but, don't have it dominate the show! It was simply put, a downer.

The singer, dressed in an outfit from a local store, was good at what she does and I will say she was the most entertaining part of the night. So, thumbs up to her but next time maybe she should dress herself.

Now let me talk about the actual fashion show. (And folks this is difficult for me, really painful.) I understand that this was a sort of "sneak peek" but TWO outfits! Why not none? It would have been better for a multitude of reasons.

The first outfit came and went... down the runway and through my mind. You know, like when someone says something and you just space out. I have no idea the color, the shape. Was it a dress? A suit? It just wasn't memorable. The second and last outfit however, was.

The designer belabored over her eco-friendly outfit but to no avail. A huge collar on a half jacket with hand knit sleeves and a patchwork or felted pattern made out of possibly some sort of heavy, heavy wool in red and brown with black lining ate the model's neck and shoulders. Under the jacket a faux leather shirt or vest that laced up the front at a diagonal in silver and beige stiffly boxed out the model's waist. And the skirt again from some sort of heavy wool with horizontal striped seams and squiggley stitching at the bottom which met up with another set of patchwork mess on the hem pushed out the sides of the model's body in white and red and brown. This designer worked hard, really really hard. Much, much too hard. I can see that this woman has skills but I don't need to see every skill in one unwearable outfit. Next time show us one skill per garment. You are talented, too talented!

Lastly, kudos to the people attending. They were fabulous and they are the visual Sean and I chose to focus on. Sometimes the people behind the scenes, the people attending are the real stars. To the organizers – it's not easy to put together an event much less a string of them but you need to do better next time. I don't want to know that this is your second job, your night time project or your fun past time. Do it well, not mildly! Although this was a disappointment, I have faith and can’t wait to see what’s next.