Adelita Style 101: Transformation with Sean / by Kamie Kahlo

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styling 101
step 1 • transformation begins with a good canvas (Crystal in this case)
step 2 • wardrobe is essential, this dress is from Queen Anne Dispatch step 3 • strike a pose step 4 • Sean snaps the ultimate beauty shot!

Our feature photographer Sean Watson and I pulled this hot dress for our model Crystal Loo from Queen Anne Dispatch. (You can get there now but hurry!) Sean's studio has plenty of nooks and crannies to film great shots. This hallway created just the right amount of drama for our sexy siren!

Let's take a closer look at shot #3. In this dress shot, I think Crystal looks like a different woman. Don't you!

Contributors: Sean Watson as photographer, Kamie Kahlo as stylist, Crystal Loo as model, Kimchee-Girl for graphic design.