Adelita Style 101: Hayley's Earrings / by Kamie Kahlo

click on this image for a closer look!

Let's bring this month to a close and take one last look at our feature designer Hayley Wakefield's Allure Earrings from
MyRetropolitan. For this shoot taken by Sean Watson we combined fashion, sweets and puppy power. I love wearing Hayley's fun earrings with this delicate, lacey Ann Ferriday top and Snoopy loves Adelita Pops!!
Here is Hayley's description of these great portrait-style paper earrings: "Slink around in the image of this sexy silhouette, as you wow your friends with an attitude that these one of a kind paper lovelies can bring you! Not only are they completely bangin', they are also eco-chic, constructed of recycled chipboard!" They measure 3.5" x 2" including the circle top.
Snoopy is zeroing on the Adelita Pop but since they are made of yummy dark and white chocolate it's a no-no for dogs!