I Want This! / by Kamie Kahlo

I don't know why I torture myself but, I did it. I typed "cute phone" into my google search bar and there she was... hmmm, tasty Melty Bitter or the tempting Melty Strawberry? I want this phone! A collaboration between SHARP and Q-POT a Japanese accessories maker was what I had been looking for. But to buy the phone I would either have to pay over $800 U.S. dollars or use Japanese carrier DOCOMO which means I couldn't use all of this delicious phone's features: pre-installed chocolate-themed menus, photo frames and wall papers, a 1-seg digital TV tuner, Bluetooth, an 8 megapixel CCD camera and a 3 inches WVGA ASV screen. Only 13,000 lucky girls and boys will devour this phone and I will be here in the states with not even a morsel of girly phones to choose from.