Heathers, The Original Mean Girl Movie / by Kamie Kahlo

This morning I woke up and opened my "Daily Candy" and there it was... a still from the 1989 black comedy HEATHERS, the quintessential mean-girls movie. Only the "candy" store was using it to advertise the latest organic cramp ointment. Ugh. If you have not seen it, this is not just a little pms joke of a movie, this is the real deal. Shoplifter extraordinaire Winona Rider stars as Veronica unwilling member of a clique consisting of 3 girls all named Heather, one of which happens to be "love-to-hate-her" Shannon Doherty, who rule the school through intimidation, contempt, and sex appeal. Christian Slater enters as bad boy prankster Jason Dean whose irresistible charm woos Veronica into a dangerous web of murder! Why post this on a fashion blog? Check out their Japanese school girl mini skirts, 80's big hair , Joan Collins shoulder pads and fabulous lycra leggings!