Today's AdelitaStyle Self Portrait / by Kamie Kahlo

click on this photo for a better look!

Well, I'm off to another shoot! A girl can never travel lite these days and especially if she is a stylist! In the top layer of my kit I have sterile sprays: brush cleaner and rubbing alcohol. Of course next to that is hand sanitizer in a lovely vanilla bean scent. Some gum. (When you are doing someone's makeup you should always have fresh minty breath!) 12-14 different colors of foundation, 8 colors of eyeshadows, 6 different makeup brushes, several lipsticks, stains and lipglosses, cotton swabs, concealer, makeup wipes, safety pins, mascara wands, and pencil sharpeners fill each cubby and that's just the TOP layer. What do I have in my red suitcase? Hair necessities: paddle and round hair brushes, goodie combs, a skinny barrel curling iron and a fat barrel curling iron, flat iron, hair spray, pomade, hair cream and oil, haircutting drape (to protect the wardrobe from makeup application) and scissors just in case someone needs a little trim. And what do I wear? For comfort I am wearing a JOVOVICH HAWK striped dress with a STREETS AHEAD belt over black leggings and HARLEY DAVIDSON motorcycle boots. (Brought my FOREVER21 sweater just in case it gets chilly in the studio.) Are you sure you still want to be a stylist?