Desi and Melanie at Hip Zephyr / by Kamie Kahlo

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LA Spring Market is coming up but before the buyers hit the Lala land, Desi and Melanie take a roadtrip in Desi's Honda Element with their showroom as backseat drivers. Lines like BELLA MATTO, CRASH N BURN, EVA FRANCO, FRENZII, REVOLVER, PURE FAITH and UNA LUNA compact themselves into blue garment bags waiting to be shown at various stores up and down the west coast. I met up with this adorable team at HIP ZEPHYR a boutique in the kitschy neighborhood of Greenwood. (This tiny store is exploding with great clothing.) You wouldn't believe the "man" power these two lovely clothing reps display when hurling hundreds of clothing items onto creaky but faithful garment racks! And when they open the zipper for the big "reveal", my eyes start to water and yearn for old days. This is what I miss... CLOTHES!! Clothes I get to see before every one else, clothes that Desi refers to as "she", clothes I know have been dreamed of, patterned over and over then finally sewn up before they get to me (and these are just the samples for God's sakes, APPRECIATE girls!), clothes that I HAD to try on. I gladly "modeled" for the ladies at the store. Take a look at that Caftan from one of their spring lines. (You will see it in HIP ZEPHYR'S window come January or February.) So, while you all may take for granted the gorgeous garments that magically appear on shelves and hangers in specialty boutiques, I will educate you. My heart has a special place for these soft items and I will always get choked up when I think of how many people literally touch a dress before I get to wear it. Clothing works hard to get on your backs and people like Desi and Melanie carry it straight to chic little boutiques like HIP ZEPHYR with style and finesse. All I can say is, "Thank you" and "I miss you"!