Ask Adelita: Indian Summer / by Kamie Kahlo

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Dear Adelita Style:

I'm new to the area helping a couple of lost travelers named Lewis and Clark discover your great territory. What does a girl wear for one of the last days of Seattle's Indian Summer?

"Sacagawea"- North Dakota

Dear Little Indian Princess:

You are a smart gal to stop and ask for style directions. (Guys can be so frustrating when it comes to that!) A fresh eyelet top from France, black THREE DOTS capri leggings, black ballet slippers from TARGET, accessorize with fabulous handmade prize ribbon pin and bubblegum pink!
You are sure to dazzle your clients and soak up some Northwest sun!

History lesson: Sacagawea was a career girl way back in the 1800's. This Shoshane woman along with her husband was the guide for the Lewis and Clark Expedition conducted by two fellas, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark. On their long trek from North Dakota to the Pacific Ocean, Clark finally refers to Sacaqawea as "Janey" after she decides where they will camp. Was this a nickname derived from admiration of her intellect and outdoors-woman know how or simple adoration? I prefer the romance angle myself. Here is a cool read: Sacagawea's Nickname