Today's AdelitaStyle Self Portrait / by Kamie Kahlo

click on the photo for a better look!

Today I was running errands! I wore my ADELITA red, ruffle dress, BRASS PLUM shoes from 100-years ago and 2 TARINA TARANTINO rose and owl lucite bracelets. What was in my shopping bags? "Commons & Sense" magazine from Japan, a bag of Strawberry Wafers from Taiwan, Badtz Maru long gum, Rilakkuma panty shields packaged in teddy bear-printed plastic from Japan (I couldn't resist), a giant pink air freshener from Japan, YanYan cream sticks in strawberry with fun little sayings etched into the sticks like, "You are lucky today- Goat" from Japan, "love com, the movie" a japanese movie based on the Manga by Aya Nakahara, Kiddy's Dream chopsticks that I will wear in my hair and finally a HELLO KITTY lipgloss packaged inside a tiny soda bottle!