Café Ole or Take it Black / by Kamie Kahlo

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Early this particular morning, I was faced with a decision; Do I wear color or put on this city’s uniform standard spanning from brown to black? I wore my favorites and then, I ran into two lovely girls in front of the coffee shop. Natalia and Maiensy stylishly flanked me in a sea of black. And while black can be a strong cup of confidence as these girls prove, I said, “Make mine a Café Ole!”

I wore my turq tank that I customized with a spicy yellow trim bib filled with multi-sized tomato-red buttons, a vintage cardigan with vivid stripes, a TARINA TARANTINO strawberry clip, a NOIR friendship charm necklace, my special edition LE SPORTSAC TOKI DOKI mini purse and my FRANKIE B rainbow jeans. I grounded all of this color with a pair of vintage cream suede HUSH PUPPIES. ¡Vivir una vida colorida! (Life is colorful!)

Contributors: Sean Watson- photographer