Kate Moss Tip Time. / by Kamie Kahlo

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Take it from a girl who is known for her sense of style all over the world, (No not me silly!) KATE MOSS, you can always look good and you don't have to break the bank doing it. Scan the great tips below from Kate and if you missed TOPSHOP's Kate Moss SS09 the first time around, they've got more in stock!!

"Never look like you’ve tried too hard - or rather don’t try too hard! Mismatching can add a much more personal touch to an outfit.

"Mix old with new - the options are endless and it’s good to make it your own vision. Recently for a friends wedding, I paired a beautiful Chanel maxi dress with an antique blue velvet cape and a pair of huge Turkish hoop-earrings which gave the dress a totally unique feel.

"Don’t take a vintage or second-hand piece on face value as it can be altered in so many ways. I’ve lopped the hem off many full-length gowns and made necklines lower. It does help to have a genius dress maker, otherwise just do it yourself

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