Wildflowers / by Kamie Kahlo

Liz and I at the TeaCup. Some annoying hippy introvert took this picture! Sigh.

On top of a little hill in Seattle, sits a studio with wildflowers growing in it. Not your typical flower, wildflowers are completely unique, the fingerprints of the natural world; each contains it’s own matchless color, shape, size and scent. Elizabeth Power tends to these little lovelies and we wanted to know more.

ADELITA STYLE: Tell us about Wildflowers.

ELIZABETH POWER: I created this workshop for young girls because I believe that journaling is a powerful way to tap into what’s going on inside you. For little girls and older girls writing is a specific way to learn more about themselves. WILDFLOWERS JOURNAL WORKSHOPS are designed for a specific type of self-discovery.

AS: What subjects do you talk about?

EP: We talk about the things most vital to young girls growing up, sexuality, self-esteem issues and body image, but in a safe, enjoyable atmosphere. We handle these very serious issues with humor and fun.

AS: Sounds terrific! What’s an example of what goes on in your fun workshop?

EP: Well one of our journal questions might be, “If you were a certain color, what would you be?” The girls would then carry out their journal entry through art and words.

AS: When you say art, what type of medium would the girls use?

EP: Not only drawing, but scrapbooking, collages, stickers and fabric are used to express their feelings.

AS: How long is a typical workshop? What age range are the girls?

EP: Workshops range anywhere from 2-3 hours with 8-12 girls per workshop with classes for different ranges of ages. They start as young as 8 years old and each workshop is tailored to that specific age range; 4th and 5th graders in one class, middle school girls in another, high school girls have there own class and then of course there are even adult classes.

AS: Really? How would an adult benefit?

EP: Adult women are constantly reinventing themselves, getting to know themselves and hopefully, through the workshops ultimately accepting themselves. My goal is for women, no matter what age, to walk away more enlightened about themselves.

AS: What do you gain from teaching these workshops?

EP: It’s empowering for me! My favorite thing is watching people discover something about themselves and then appreciate their own beauty and celebrate their wild, unique individuality.

Dedication: For Mable, the world will miss your sweetness. You were the true definition of a wildflower...