Girl' Week at Adelita Style / by Kamie Kahlo

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March 3rd is Girls' Day in Japan! (More about this tomorrow since it's the "real" kickoff.) So this week is of course, Girl's Week at Adelita Style!! We are starting the week with our power girl, Lil Star. (aka Jelly Stelly) Up till now you have heard of her as a contributor but this is her first appearance. This week is a great week for Lil Star to showcase her many years of experience as a girl and her new experience as a writer and photographer and of course, a model. At 10 years old, Miss Star is Adelita Style's muse and collaborator, a great example to the little girls out there as well as to all of us "older" gals. We look forward to more and more contributions from her as she grows!

Contributors: Kamie Kahlo photographer and stylist for top photo, Sean Watson photographer for bottom photo, Lil Star stylist