Happy Birthday Barbie / by Kamie Kahlo

Click on this photo for a better look at my collection of TARINA TARANTINO limited Edition Barbie jewelry.

Exactly 50 years ago today on March 9, 1959, Miss Barbie Millicent Roberts, from Willows, Wisconsin, made her way into stores and in our hearts. Today is the 50th birthday of our beloved BARBIE!

I have so many stories about my love affair with the blonde beauty. I still have many of the dolls that I played with in my childhood; Malibu Barbie, Skipper and Francie, Quick Curl Barbie and Midge, even Donny and Marie among many, many more! On the top shelf of my closet rest vintage 60’s and 70’s carrying cases. Inside each container countless evening gowns, swimsuits and casual outfits (some store-bought but, most made by my mother and grandmother) live among tiny little pumps in every color floating between the crevasses of the matching fabric.

Hate her or love her, she sure looks extraordinary after all these years!

Contributors: Lil Star as stylist and model, Kamie Kahlo as photographer