Adelita Style 101: Styling Erin / by Kamie Kahlo

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styling 101
step 1 • start with a good photographer
step 2 • goof around with your model to make her comfortable
step 3 • strike a pose
step 4 • flip it up and “say cheese!”

While working on a photo shoot, I decided to drag one of my stylish buddies on set. Erin is a great inspiration to all of us creative gals not only for her fashion flare but for her career path. She is a graphic designer at a leading brand merchandising company where her job entails designing major presentations for high profile clients! For our shoot, she is wearing an adorable GUESS sweater and boots with MEK Sydney Boot Stretch Jeans available at BUCKLE.

Contributors: Kamie Kahlo as stylist, Erin as model, Troy Wilkinson as photographer