Kamie Chang Kahlo is the founder and principal of ADELITA STYLE. "As a stylist and former owner of my own beautiful boutique, I want to share all of my insider knowledge and know-how with you. I am an expert in flat styling, on form, hair, wardrobe and makeup. I adore working with room sets and thrive on the creative environment of a studio."

Kahlo has more than 20 years of design and styling experience. She works as a photo stylist, illustrator, graphic designer, and web designer under the names Adelita Style and Kimchee-Girl. Before creating Adelita Style, Kahlo owned and operated Adelita, a designer clothing boutique in Seattle.

For more information about personal wardrobe shopping, photo styling or consultation, please contact Kahlo.
Check out our BLOG. Kahlo’s passion for fashion infuses Adelita Style with an energy that’s both down-to-earth and inspirational. "Adelita Style isn’t just about clothes; it’s about unleashing your creativity and your confidence--whatever your personal style is,” says Kahlo. The name ‘Adelita’ comes from a Mexican folk tale.  It’s a designation that was given to the heroic women who fought in the Mexican Revolution. “I love the Adelita story – it’s about strong women going to battle wearing skirts and their best jewelry.”

From Hello Kitty, to “how to put together the perfect outfit,” to a profile on a gold medal soccer star, to hands-on reviews of designer apparel and accessories, Adelita Style covers a versatile range of entertaining topics and features brands in all price ranges. Kahlo personally wear tests every piece of clothing, samples every product, and uses every service before granting her Adelita Style stamp of approval.

Kamie Kahlo